I love a good conversation and a good story. In my writing, I cover interactive media with an emphasis on emerging and independent creators. I write mostly about the experiences of the people within these communities, often recounting the journey that led them to where they are now.


How the Tech Behind ‘Pokemon Go’ Has Been Powering Games for Decades (Waypoint)
Locative media has been here since the 90s, but we’re only just beginning to see its full potential now.

The Strange in the Familiar: Squinky on exploring identity, community, and the everyday through games (Ookpixels)
Dominique Pamplemousse creator Squinky explores issues of both career identity and gender identity as we learn their story so far. 

Take Your Joy: On Compulsion Games, We Happy Few, and the rise of a studio (Ookpixels)
Two weeks before the Early Access launch of We Happy Few, I sat down with Compulsion Games to talk about the studio’s origins, struggles, and challenges in making their games.

Unlike most games, Wayward Strand doesn’t use sound to tell you what to feel (Remeshed)
Audio in games is often used to prescribe emotions to players, but sound designer Maize Wallin takes a difference approach in this upcoming indie game.

Everything Brands Need to Know About Beacons (Sparksheet)
Museums, department stores and even Major League Baseball are betting on beacon technology to improve the customer experience. In Sparksheet’s latest Engagement Checkup, I find out whether beacons will make brand messaging useful or just annoying.


Mouthcrafted: 5 Games That Feature Mouth Made Noises (Paste Magazine)
There are a good many games with a Michael Winslow approach to sound design. This piece looks at five games with mouth-made sound effects.

Nicky Case’s newest game looks at how media shapes us
(Kill Screen)

Two years ago, game designer Nicky Case was trying to process the events in Ferguson. Inspired by an image showing how camera framing can alter how a story is perceived, Case went about creating a game playing upon these notions. In 2016, Case refined that idea and created We Become What We Behold.

A videogame about puking shouldn’t be this darn cute
(Kill Screen)

There’s a gigantic chicken chasing after Gilbert. In any other videogame, this would seem out of place, but not in the upcoming platformer Eggggg, where absurdity rules. In this piece, I preview Hyper Games’ latest game about puking.

Your childhoood fears will come to life in Little Nightmares (Kill Screen)
Swedish-based Tarsier Studios’ Little Nightmares is an upcoming 3D puzzle platformer that plays like a game of hide and seek. This news piece looks at the newly released trailer.

A videogame tribute to 1930s cartoons you can play right now (Kill Screen)
Grampy Katz in: The Big Date is a short but adorable game made by Brent “Meowza” Kobayashi and Brandi “Kukubee” Kobayashi. I spoke with the married duo about the game’s development.